Input Voltage: 2S-4S LiPo / 4-12S NiMH-NiCD

Weight: 171g / 6.03oz

Shaft Dimensions: 3.2mm (1/8") x 11.3mm

Motor Diameter: 35.8mm / 1.41"

Motor Length: 52.5mm / 2.10"

Magnet Material: FB12 Ferrite (HD) / FB9 Ferrite (Pro)

Rebuildable: Yes



Brushed Motor Design

Dual precision Ball Bearings

Alloy Endbell Heat Sink Plates

Gold Plated Copper Solder Tabs and Brush Hoods

Hand Wound Armature (Pro model)

Adjustable Timing

High Torque Specification

High Strength Ferrite Magnets

Completely Rebuildable

Legal in Rock Crawling Competitions

Your choice of 35, 45 and 55 turn, Heavy Duty or Pro Hand Wound




TT2113 - T55 HD Brushed Motor

TT2114 - T45 HD Brushed Motor

TT2115 - T35 HD Brushed Motor

TT2123 - T40 Pro Brushed Hand Wound

TT2124 - T30 Pro Brushed Hand Wound


FX-R Rock Crawling Systems


TT2099 - FX-R + T40 Pro Brushed Motor

TT2100 - FX-R + T30 Pro Brushed Motor


TT2107 - FX-R + T55 HD Brushed Motor

TT2108 - FX-R + T45 HD Brushed Motor

TT2109 - FX-R + T35 HD Brushed Motor






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