HotWire: v13.1.0

Firmware: 258








Unlock the full potential of your Speed Control or Servo* with the HotWire 3.0 unit. Connect to Android or iOS devices for Speed Control programming using Bluetooth wireless technology without touching your car, or Windows computers and Android devices using the USB connection. The HotWire provides access to additional tools such as Data Logging, Adjustable BEC settings plus many more in-depth tuning options to fine tune the performance characteristics of your Speed Control.  The HotWire also lets you create and share tweaks and entire track/condition specific profiles with other Tekin users. Best of all the HotWire lets you download* completely new software as it is developed and upload it to your Speed Control or Servo – you get unrestricted access to upgrade your Speed Control or Servo to Tekin’s latest and newest performance mods!  Visit to get the latest software updates for all your Tekin products.


Tekin HotWire runs on the following platforms:


- Android 4.3 & UP

- iOS 8 & UP (iPhone 4S and iPad2 or newer)


- Android 3.1 & Up

- Windows XP

- Windows Vista (32 bit & 64 bit)

- Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)

- Windows 8* (32 bit & 64 bit) *Requires .NET 3.5

- Windows 10* (32bit & 64bit) *Requires .NET 3.5

(To run on Mac try using Bootcamp or Parallels)

*Downloading ESC updates or programming Servos
requires PC connection.

Connect via PC, Netbook, Android and iOS Devices
Connect via Bluetooth or USB connection
Connects to all Tekin GEN2+ ESCs with EZ Data Port
Connects to Tekin Servos with TT3848 Adapter
Quick and easy installation
Make ESC adjustments on the fly without touching your vehicle

Datalogging Capabilities

LED Status Indicator

USB Cable Included

Free HotWire Software and ESC/Servo Firmware updates

Factory Warranty and Support

Access to Team Driver Speed Control Profiles

Create, Download and Share custom Speed Control Profiles

HotWire App Shown on Google Pixel

HotWire App Shown on Apple iPhone 7



HotWire 12.30 containing V258 is now available! Update your RX8 GEN3/GEN2, RX4, RSX, RS PRO or RS GEN2 Series ESC and harness this free update including improved power handling capabilities, increased circuit durability, enhanced throttle and braking features and more. Download and update now!
Choose the version of software you would like to download.

(ZIP or EXE)






Click the button above, hit "RUN" and follow the on screen instructions.



Please review this checklist before downloading the .zip!






258 Update:


09/15/2017 - Hotwire 12.30 and Firmware 258 Update Notes


Download the Update Notes for full explanation of new settings and features!


New Features:


- Ultra Fast Response

- Improved Braking Response and control

- Better throttle control and feel

- Improved Circuit Durability

- Increased Power Handling Capabilities

- New Fan or Futaba OFF Error Code

- HotWire 3.0 BLE Compatibility

- RS PRO and RS PRO 1-S Support



Previous Versions:

GEN2 & UPHotWire 11.34 - v258
HotWire 10.26  - v255
HotWire 10.20 - v250HotWire 9.80 - v244  GEN1HotWire 5.73  - v224




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Part #: TT1452 HotWire V3.0
Part #: TT1451 HotWire V2.0

Dimensions: 1.02 x 0.93 x 0.38"  / 26 x 23.75 x 9.75mm

Weight: .30oz / 8.4g


Compatible Operating Systems (32 bit and 64bit):

Windows 10                                             USB

Windows 8                                    Android 3.1 & UP                                 Apple iOS 8 & UP

Windows 7                                                                                                iPhone 4S and iPad2 or newer

Windows Vista                                    Bluetooth

Windows XP                                 Android 4.3 & UP




HotWire V3.0 Connects to:

Windows USB

All Tekin ESCs*

All Tekin Servos*

The HotWire V3.0 can connect via Windows USB to program Tekin Servos and all Tekin ESCs*. It can also connect to GEN2 & UP ESCs with a Data Port via Bluetooth on most Android and iOS devices, see above for minimum device requirements.

*TT3848 HotWire 3.0 Adapter Cable needed to connect to Tekin Servos and GEN1 ESCs without a Data Port via USB only.

Android USB

All Tekin ESCs*


Android Bluetooth



Apple iOS Bluetooth



HotWire V2.0 Connects to:

Windows USB

All Tekin ESCs**

All Tekin Servos

The HotWire V2.0 can connect via Windows USB to program Tekin Servos and all Tekin ESCs**. It can also connect via USB on most Android 3.1 & UP devices to program all Tekin ESCs through the receiver plug.

TT3825 HotWire 2.0 Adapter Cable needed to connect to GEN2 ESC & UP Data Port.

Android USB

All Tekin ESCs









Tekin Setup Sheets are PDF format




Data Logging  is a tool available with your HotWire on both the PC and Android versions of the software. You are able to record parameters such as ESC Temperature, Motor Temperature, Battery Voltage, Throttle Position, and motor RPM at various resolutions and sample rates, all of which determine how long your captured data stream can be. Recording less parameters at lower sample rates will increase the amount of data the ESC can store onboard, while recording all the parameters at higher sample rates will use up memory more quickly. Once the ESC data storage is full, it will stop recording and you will need to clear it on the ESC or through the HotWire in the data logging interface.


To clear the ESC data log storage, simply press and hold the INCR button until you hear two quick chimes, at which time you can release the button and the ESC will re-arm and be ready to drive. You can also set the Remote Data Erase via the HotWire which allows you to hold brake for 5 seconds, clearing the data memory. Note that it is now actively recording data until you switch the power off. Each time power is cycled, the ESC creates save points in the data called a Run. You can have multiple runs saved in the data log storage simultaneously, until it reaches max capacity. This feature is great for making a quick change and recording the data for easy comparison later.










For a more in-depth guide on data logging techniques, click  the banner above!

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