1:10 4WD 2.2 Rock Race

1:10 4WD 1.9 Rock Race

1:10 4WD Trail



Input Voltage: 2S - ALL

                         3S - 3100kV / 2300kV / 1800kV

                         4S - 2300kV / 1800kV / 1200kV / 500kV

Weight: 221g / 7.8oz

Shaft Dimensions: 5mm x 15.3mm / .196" x .60"

Motor Diameter: 36mm / 1.41"

Motor Length: 62.5mm / 2.5"

Bearing Dimensions: Front: 5 x 14 x 5mm / Rear: 5 x 11 x 5mm

Rotor Size: 18.5mm ALL

Rebuildable: Yes



Element Proof design tackles Water, Mud and Snow*
18.5mm Rotor provides more Torque and Braking Power
5mm High-Strength Pinion Shaft

550 Length Can provides improved heat dissipation

4 Pole 12 Slot Crawler Motor Design

CNC Machined 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Heatsink Can

Crawler, Rock Race and Trail Rig Specific

Neodymium Sintered Magnets

Rebuildable Design

High Purity Copper Windings Maximizes Efficiency

Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion

Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness for use with all sensored and sensorless systems

High RPM ABEC5 Oversized Bearings

* Element Proof ESCs and Motors are specially designed to withstand water splashes and are not meant to be submerged. Included dielectric grease must be used on the sensor and fan port connections to protect them from shorting.


** The ROC412 HD is not intended for operation while submerged in liquid.


*** Anytime your motor sees water it is important that you perform the proper after run maintenance. Warranty does not cover neglect, lack of maintenance, bearings, rust or any damage that may occur if the motor is submerged in water.



TT2630 - ROC412 HD 4200kV

TT2631 - ROC412 HD 3100kV

TT2632 - ROC412 HD 2300kV

TT2633 - ROC412 HD 1800kV

TT2634 - ROC412 HD 1200kV

TT2635 - ROC412 HD 500kV





TT2616 - ROC412 HD 18.5mm Rotor w/5mm Shaft




TT2642 - ROC412 / ROC412 HD Bearing Set - Front: 5 x 14 x 5mm / Rear: 5 x 11 x 5mm


Motor Parts


TT2640 - ROC412 HD Rebuild Kit: End Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Isolator / Hardware

TT2641 - ROC412 HD End Caps / Hardware

TT2643 - ROC412 HD Element Proof Sensor PCB

TT2644 - ROC412 HD Solder Tabs / Isolator








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